Monday, October 22, 2007

"The Cholesterol Conspiracy" by Ladd McNamara, M.D.


The Cholesterol Conspiracy by Ladd McNamara, M.D., now also in a 3-CD unabridged audiobook (updated version) found at, is extremely informative as to the true cause of cardiovascular disease (that of heart disease and stroke). Cardiovascular disease is the number one casuse of death of both men and women, and despite 40 to 50 years of lowering people's LDL cholesterol to "normal" levels, heart disease REMAINS the number one cause of death! WHY? In addition, more than half of the people who die of cardiovascular disease have NORMAL (that is LOW) levels of LDL cholesterol. Isn't that a clue to the fact that a low LDL cholesterol is not the key to lowering one's risk of heart disease?

Dr. Ladd McNamara exposes the truth behind the conspiracy to put nearly everyone on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs for profit! There is a better way to help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, ...a healthier way, without the harmful, and sometimes deadly, effects; and that is with proper and safe full-spectrum nutritional supplementation and a healthy lifestyle.

Pharmaceutical companies are regularly being fined for knowingly releasing harmful drugs onto the market that have very little benefit, all for profit. They invested so much money into developing a drug, that they figure they'll sell enough drugs to make their money back and pay off lawsuits and the fines for the people they'll harm and kill. And, some studies have made it into respectible medical journals having been completely made up ... every single "participant" in the study of the drug didn't even exist, ....yet the drug made it to market! Wow, ...if any other industry or company were to run a business like this they would be shut down. But they're not, why? Because they pay off congressmen and senators, and help make the laws that keep them in business. They pay the media to spin what is reported in the news ....ever notice what ads are running during the news? Pharmaceutical ads!

Dr. Ladd McNamara's book, The Cholesterol Conspiracy has been so popular that the 2nd Edition is currently sold out, with the audiobook available now, and the podcasts of the revised 2nd Edition available at He is currently (2010) in the process of writing the 3rd Edition, however, the principles still apply. Though there are several factors that play a role in leading to cardiovascular disease, the process is one of inflammation, caused by oxidation ... oxidation of LDL cholestorol and damage (oxidation) by homocysteine to the endothelium of the arteries ...all leading to inflammation. Again, it's a bit more complicated, but lifestyle and nutritional supplementation are key to help reduce the risk of heart disease, not drugs!

To read the foreword by Dr. Myron Wentz to the revised 2nd Edition of The Cholesterol Conspiracy, please see:

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