Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ray Strand M.D., Author and International Speaker


Ray Strand, M.D. is a retired family practice physician and expert in nutraceutical medicine. He is an author of many books and an international speaker. He serves on the Scientific Advisory Council of USANA Health Sciences, Inc, the manufacturer and distributor of high quality nutritional supplements and personal care products.

Dr. Strand is a long-time friend of Dr. Ladd McNamara, and has worked with him in the field of nutraceutical medicine. They have consulted with each other through the years and shared experiences with the use of supplementation among their patients. They are both pioneers in this field of using nutritional supplements in medicine.

Below is what Dr. Strand had to say about Dr. Ladd McNamara:

"I have known and been associated with Dr. Ladd McNamara for over 12 years. We have worked together in the field of nutritional medicine making our patients and people aware of the health benefits of taking high-quality nutritional supplements. He has personally been an encouragement to me because of his passion, expertise, and professionalism in presenting the true scientific and medical facts in this truly emerging new field of medicine. I have listened to his lectures and read his books with great admiration and respect. He has certainly influenced my practice of nutritional medicine and I owe him a great debt of gratitude for his work and expertise as a leader in the field of nutritional medicine.

Though currently retired from the practice of medicine, Dr. Ladd McNamara has been an excellent physician and specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. He has practiced his specialty with the utmost of integrity, professionalism, and expertise. I have personally visited with several of his patients who all have the deepest regard and respect for Dr. McNamara. He is truly unique in this era of allopathic medicine because he has taken the time to care and guide his patients into those healthy lifestyles that has allowed his patients to enjoy improved health and decreased dependence on medication. Dr. McNamara is certainly one of those fine physicians everyone would like to have had as their personal doctor.

Ray D. Strand, M.D."

We appreciate Dr. Strand and all the fine work he does, as well as his friendship. He continues to make available his expertise, books, and consults for those seeking help.

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