Sunday, October 7, 2007

Collette Larsen, Top Leader, International Speaker, Friend

Collette Larsen is highly respected within our company. She has been the top leader for well over a decade, and has shown everyone such compassion and love in addition to tremendous leadership. She travels the world for business and play; mixing both I would suppose.

Everyone who hears her speak is truly inspired. You cannot hear her story and not be moved. To be a friend of Collette is quite an honor. Dr. Ladd McNamara has that honor and privilege, and I know he considers himself a lucky man for that. Dr. Ladd McNamara, like all of us on Dr. Ladd McNamara's team are also on the team with Collette Larsen; we are one big team!

Dr. Ladd McNamara has shared the stage with Collette on several occasions, in many parts of the world ... even though they live minutes away from each other in Southern California. To have Collette Larsen give you an endorsement, in the field in which we work, and to do so with such heart is absolutely precious. The following is what she has said about Dr. Ladd McNamara for those considering being on his team and/or attending his presentations:

"Dr. Ladd McNamara is a true shining star – always willing to share his unique medical perspective and give selflessly of his time and talents to all. How fortunate we are to have someone so experienced and highly qualified bring credibility and professionalism to our business. Whenever I hear that Dr. McNamara will be speaking, I move heaven and earth to get potential business partners and product users in the room! His highly visual presentation is as entertaining as it is informative and his quick wit and personal perspectives add to the enjoyment of the experience. His presentation is geared to those of us who are not so medically inclined. Everyone can relate – and I believe it is nearly impossible to walk away from his "Power of Cellular Nutrition" presentation without committing to try the nutritional products. It is an honor to know Ladd. I consider him a dear friend as well as a business associate."

Collette Larsen,
10-Star Diamond Director,
San Diego, California

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