Sunday, October 7, 2007

Understanding Residual Income

Most people are not familiar with residual, leveraged income, and in particular the power and credibility of network marketing. Oh sure, there are less than reputable companies out there, and that's true in any industry. That's why it is important to find a company that has the accolades, that has the respect, that has done it right!

As I was taught by others, including Dr. Ladd McNamara, network marketing is the most fair model of compensation available. Everyone gets paid fairly on their own efforts (at least in our company). Everyone has an equal playing field. Those who come in now have the potential to make more money than those who sponsor them, and more money than those who came in years previously. It's all based upon their own efforts! The average person CAN become financially successful by following proven steps. It's not a mystery.

Do most people fail? As Dr. Ladd McNamara says, "Most people really don't fail, ...most people might quit, but most people quit at everything ... however, there is a formula for success, and we teach that." This is a business in which you are paid less for your initial efforts, and it takes time to build. However, if you do not quit, and work hard, your team will grow. As it grows, so does your income.

If an average person spends 5 hours/week building their business (as we teach) for 3 years and 4 months most will surpass their current income. If they do not reach their income goals it is because they "wanted it," but were not committed to following the steps we outlined. We can actually identify what steps they skipped! If they do not skip steps the average person can become successful.

The image above shows a yellow line representing their JOB and the red line is their possible income with this home-based business in this wellness industry with a company selling quality nutritional supplements.

Just think how exciting your life will be with financial freedom when you cross the 3 year 4 month mark. Yes, some people get to this mark quicker and some take a little longer, and it sad to say that some people will never get there. However, working together on our team, with Dr. Ladd McNamara and the system that we have, the tools and training we have to share, along with your commitment, your chances of success go way up.

If you are interested in financial and time freedom, and achieving it in the booming health and wellness industry, using a combination of the world's highest rated nutritional supplements, a superior weight management system, and a unique, non-toxic, quality skin care system that together provides true health, then contact me for more information at

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